A fiduciary is one to whom money, property, or the management of property has been entrusted for the benefit of others. 


WHAT needs to be done BEFORE YOU Apply for our Bonds.

  1. An Estate is created by sickness, death, incapacitation etc.

  2. A Court determines that a Fiduciary is required

  3. An attorney prepares a Probate Case & files with the Court.

  4. A Judge will set the amount of a bond requirement, if any. 

(if no bond is required we can always help you with another service we offer.)


Now Your ready, Lets Apply Online Now.

Fill out the appropriate online fillable application for the type of bond required

Print the completed form, sign it and e-mail the signed form and to :  Josh@jbinsnm.com

  (Make sure you attach a copy of the Court Documents relating to the Bond requirements)


WE will take care of it from here.

We'll get a response from the Insurance Company within 24-36 hours.

Sometimes there are additional requirements.  We'll let you know.


The Insurance Company will send you an invoice that you can pay by check, online or phone.

Most major credit/debit cards will be accepted.  EFT's are also acceptable.

When the premium has been paid, the bond will be emailed to our offices.

We will sign and send to directly to you to add your signature and file with the court.


We will bill you 90 days in advance of each anniversary, until the bond is released by the court.